over thirty years of experience

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John King began his career in construction business in 1983 and has since then worked in the industry. John worked in the Gulf Coast of Florida for six years and spent the following fifteen years on the mission field in Guatemala. There he worked teaching men in poverty construction and empowered them to create a better life for their families. During those 15 years, he and his wife Dalia hosted a children’s home called The Home of Refuge, where they provided a loving home for numerous children. John is an ethical, family, and community-oriented man. Through a lifetime of experience, he has developed extensive knowledge about building construction and providing clients with quality work. 

He has always valued quality construction, precise craftsmanship, and building lasting relationships with his clients. John oversees every job and ensures that all construction practices are up to high quality standards. Promise Construction Group emphasizes it's core values and applies them in all circumstances. 

While we strive to facilitate our client’s visions for their commercial and residential spaces, we also understand the significance of our integrity. We value honesty, reliability, and excellence in every job and believe that is what makes our work exceptional. We will not only provide you with quality practices, but we will strive to do so with your best interest in mind.